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Speedy Brow-cara 'Natural Brown'

Designer: peripera

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Go from drawing your eyebrows to combing them with this 'Brow-cara'. After combing through your eyebrows with this liquid formula, the brow will harden and stay in place for a natural-looking, defined texture. 

- Comes in 3 different shades: Light Brown, Natural Brown, and Dark Brown
- Applies with a thin brush for easy, non-clumping application 
- Long-lasting with a strong hold against sweat and oil

- Used to finish the Speedy Brow Powder 
- Made in South Korea

Suggested Usage
1. Begin by brushing in the opposite direction of your eyebrows in the opposite direction (avoiding the front most part) to add color
2. Once the color has been applied, begin brushing from the front of your eyebrows to the ends 
3. Finish by brushing the front most part of your eyebrows upwards to add texture and volume

4. Recommended as the first part of your eye makeup routine as it is difficult to remove once hardened

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